To Research, Develop, Integrate & successfully deliver exceptional software solutions

Our professional team has intense exposure to our client's requirements in Analog, RF, IO. Highspeed, SERDES, Library development. Custom and Compiler memories ranging from the block, module, 10 level, IP level, and chip level activities, working from scratch to various milestone and project releases. The key focus is to align with our clients to meet quality, schedule, PPA requirements, performance redesign, maintenance projects, Innovative solutions, Automation, and various market targets.

Our Dynamic leads are smart enough to operate at different business models, understand various roles and responsibilities, keeping in phase to market. technology and methodologies. Handling risks have gained confidence by associating with clients for their various needs. Our Learning and the Development team mainly Focuses on skillset and expertise development, knowledge enhancement and nourish trained engineers to qualify for the client requirements.

AMS Design Teams

Circuit Design and Characterization Team

Catom Layout and PV Team

Lilienry Development Team

AMS Modelling/Verification Team

Automation-EDA, Flow and PDK Development Team

Project Migration Team

performance Redesign Team


skill-Set and Expertise Development Tram

Managed Service

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

10T and System Design

Device Software

Software Integration

Device Drivers

Middleware and Applications

Software Maintenance and Support

Skillset and Expertise Development

DA (Design Automation)

ASIC Design Teams

RTL. Design and Implementation Team

Design Verification Team

FPGA Based Design Team

STA Team (Static Time Analysis)

DFT Team

PD Team

PV Team

Post Silicon Validation Team

Automation - EDA, Flow and PDK Development Team

Project Migration Team

Skill-Set and Expertise Development Team

Team Highlights

We have Rich experience in Analog, RF, High Speed, IOs, PHYS, Serdes, Custom and Compiler Memory, Physical Design, Physical Verification, Standard Cell Solutions Mask Fabrication process, IC manufacturing and Maintenance.

Expertise for developing IP, Block Level and Chip Level Activities. • Expertise in process node: 3nm, 5nm, 7nm, 10nm, 14nm, 16nm,20nm, 22nm, 28nm, 32nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm, 130nm & 180nm

Foundries includes TSMC, UMC, GF, IBM, Intel, Samsung for CMOS, SOI & BCD Process

Tools: Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Tanner, IBM and Intel

Global Culture: Penang (Malaysia) team. Chandler, Folsom, Poughkeepsie (NY), Austin, San Jose, Santa Clara Teams (US). Israel team. Germany Team.

Automation: Tool-Flow-PDK Development

Skillset and Expertise Development: Our SMEs involve in Technology and Domain Skill Enhancement

Leadership skill-set Enhancement by Innovative Solutions, Risk Handling and to gain confidence by associating with clients for their various needs.