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SAP Support Services


SAP Support Services

Our SAP Support Services are underpinned by a grounded delivery approach: we only work where we can add value and build relationships based on trust to lower costs for our clients. We support our international clients for the deployment of SAP solutions, regionally and locally with the help of their global templates. We use our skills and international experience to optimize your project time, cost and quality to meet your local business needs.

Sometimes all you need is a temporary SAP resource or two to help you through a transition or for a final push to implement a new piece of functionality. Regardless of the complexity of the SAP task or the time to implement, Aatral SAP Support Service can can come in handy to help you achieve your goals.

Our pool of talented consultants provides the balanced set of skills needed for the project. We expertise in the know-how to support the complete range of SAP systems and services so you can concentrate on attracting and managing the best talent .We provide, expertise help to our clients during the various phase of project and the advantages an ability to organize right talented resources for your project needs and highly qualified with multiple skilled Functional and technical expertise. Our SAP Support methodology is based on the principle of adding constantly increasing value to our client’s business. This ‘Continuous Improvement Methodology’ is natural fiber within our support model.

We have developed innovative, flexible, and customizable engagement models based on the ‘Pay-per-Use’ concept that enable our clients to benefit from our cost-efficient SAP support model and avoid paying when there is no usage. Through offshore delivery capabilities, and a matured ticket handling mechanism, we provide our customers with a transparent and cost effective experience that enables them to strategically forecast costs and improvement benefits over the period of the association.